We chart the right course for your future together. We act as a first-rate partner for companies that want to achieve ambitious goals, providing them with expertise specialized and integrated skills that pertain to the following areas: Legal and International Business Development.


MADV Lex represents a reality of excellence in the international legal scene. Born from the experience and know-how acquired through the BMV International project, MADV Lex broadens the horizons of legal consulting, tracing a new path of growth and evolution in an increasingly international dimension and with a high capacity to assist its clients.

Formed by Marazzi&Associati, VicoLex&Partners, Vitali&d’Amore in cooperation with PatroniGriffi, MADV Lex is an alliance of independent professionals with decades of experience in the legal and business consulting sector, nationally and internationally, positioning itself as the ideal strategic partner for companies that need support to deal with complex and constantly evolving scenarios, working alongside and supporting them in their path of evolution and development.

Adopting a “Glocal” approach, MADV Lex blends the solidity of consolidated expertise in the national territory with a vision that sails around the world, offering high value-added services and customized solutions on a global scale.

With an even more extensive and well-established network and a dense network of professionalism and expertise at the international level, we are able to offer comprehensive specialized advice, promptly addressing each situation with the utmost preparedness.

This enables us to chart not only the right course, but the best course to guide and support organizations in their legal activities.


We believe in a future in which people and organizations can help create a better world. But the future ahead must be built today.

In the face of uncertainty and unpredictability that take on increasingly global perspectives, only companies that can protect and safeguard their value, driven by the ability to innovate, will truly be able to excel and make a decisive mark on the world.

But they need a guide capable of directing, advising and accompanying them along this journey through complexity, to turn uncertainty into opportunity and chart the right course for their success.


We stand by organizations that want to achieve ambitious goals, providing them with specialized and integrated expertise.

Guided by the core values of trust, honesty, and enthusiasm, we want to accompany them in their process of growth and evolution by providing the best solutions in order to protect, safeguard, and develop their business.

We do this by offering comprehensive, personalized and strategic specialized advice, applying a holistic, pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach, promptly addressing each situation with the utmost preparedness and flexibility, grasping the unpredictable behind every nuance.


MADV Lex's network around the world

MADV Lex has developed a network of strategic collaborations located in multiple countries around the world, which enables it to offer clients unique know-how derived from direct presence in individual countries.

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